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      "Yit," said he, "I've got to march just as far as any of you, carry just as big a gun, and do just as much shootin'."

      Albin, watching him, whistled inaudibly under his breath. A minute went by silently. The light in the room began to diminish."Bread ... cheese...."

      "No, he's quite the young gorilla. Now I must be off, Tilly. I'll write to you.""Is he dead?" asked Reuben.

      We may further reassure the peoples of the Confederation that no further special efforts on their part will be called for. This is not to be thought of as a war or even as a campaign, but merely as one isolated, regretted but necessary blow at a system which cannot but be a shock to the mind of civilized man."I reckonI expect he will. But don't you mind him, little sister. He isn't worth it."


      "Nobody's allowed to leave," Dodd said, more quietly. "We'rethey're taking every precaution they can. But some daymaybe some day, Albinthe people are going to find out in spite of every precaution." He sat straighter. "And then it'll all be over. Then they'll be wiped out, Albin. Wiped out."Dara turned on him a face that seemed completely calm. "They do not see us," she said flatly. "Now do not speak."



      So Albert's letter remained unansweredCaro felt that Reuben was unjust. She had grown very critical of him lately, and a smarting dislike coloured her [Pg 337]judgments. After all, it was he who had driven everybody to whatever it was that had disgraced him. He was to blame for Robert's theft, for Albert's treachery, for Richard's base dependence on the Bardons, for George's death, for Benjamin's disappearance, for Tilly's marriage, for Rose's elopementit was a heavy load, but Caro put the whole of it on Reuben's shoulders, and added, moreover, the tragedy of her own warped life. He was a tyrant, who sucked his children's blood, and cursed them when they succeeded in breaking free.So Robert put on his Sunday coat as usual and tramped away to the village. The only drawback was that from the high wheatfield Reuben distinctly saw him go.