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      Charlie--mm-mm! how he could rip it out! Sam Gibbs, our veritable Sam, sergeant of the boy's gun, "Roaring Betsy," privately remarked to the Captain what a blank-blank shame it was, not for its trivial self, of course, but in view of the corruptions to which it opened the way. And the blithe commander, in the seclusion of his tent, standing over the lad and holding him tenderly by both pretty ears, preached to him of his sister and grandmother until with mute rage the youngster burned as red as his jacket facings; and then of the Callenders--"who gave us our guns, and one of whom is the godmother of our flag, Charlie"--until the tears filled Charlie's eyes, and he said:

      Quite so; very little, said Lord Selvaine.Do you mean to say that she is not charming? She looks delightful. Think of that face and two millions of money! What a prize she will be! I wonder who the lucky man will be?

      Esmeralda laughed and stared.It is false, false! she said, almost inaudibly; for Lady Adas voice was ringing in her ears and drowning her own. I do not believe you! I know that you do not love me! Nothing you could say could convince menothing, nothing!

      Norman nodded, and laughed.

      "Ah, no, except with advice," said Flora, "only with advice!"Ever since she came back to Three Star, I have longed to meet you. I have lain awake, tortured by the desire to grasp you by the throat and call you to account. I am not a religious man, but I have prayed, actually prayed for this hour. And it has come!

      Trafford, something has happened! Wherewhere is Esmeralda? she exclaimed; and there was a note of demand in her voice as if he were responsible for Esmeralda, as if he were answerable for her absence.


      "Ah!" tremulously assented the subtler one. "And such a dream! I was oblige' to escape to you!"


      The master heaved a comforted sigh. The servant tittered again, but suddenly again was grave. "I on'y wish to Gawd," he slowly said, "dat de next time you an' him meet--"


      Oh, Trafford! she said, with a catch in her voice. Howhow ill you look! Why have you come? Isis Esmeralda ill? Do you want me? She has sent for me?CHAPTER XXXVII.