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      The morning was brilliant, and Martin, Allegra, and Captain Hulbert set off at nine o'clock upon a long-deferred expedition to San Romolo. They would be home in good time for the eight-o'clock dinner; and Isola promised to amuse herself all day, and to be in good spirits to welcome them on their return.

      "Upon what?" asked Bergan, with a keen glance;"Doctor Remy's succession?"This evening, however, she failed in getting a quartette for whist. Neither Mr. Crowther nor his wife was disposed for cards; Colonel Disney coldly declined; and it was useless to ask the young people to leave the attractions of that woody piano. While she was lamenting this state of things, the whist-table being usually a feature in her drawing-room, the Disneys and Allegra bade her good night, and were gone before she had time to remonstrate with them for so early a departure.

      "Her partners seemed of the same opinion," put in the doctor, cheerily. "Why, how often did Lord Lostwithiel dance with you, Mrs. Disney? Oftener than with anybody else, I'll be bound."

      "None," answered Bergan, with scorn that he could not repress; "except that it narrows everything,aim, responsibility, hope, faith, desire, and fulfilment,down to man's miserable self!"

      "Perhaps that would be too much to say. I know so little about him. I have scarcely seen him since he was a ladonly I have heard things which have prejudiced me," continued Disney, lapsing into moody thoughtfulness.What fever-fraught vision was it that those hands tried to shut out from her burning eyes? So little had happenedso littleonly half an hour's quiet walk along the towpath, where the leafless willows had a grim, uncanny look, like those trees whose old grey branches seemed the arms of the Erlking's daughters, beckoning the child as he nestled in his father's arms, riding through the night. So littleso littleand yet it meant the lifting of a veilthe passage from happy innocence to the full consciousness of an unholy love. It meant what one kiss on trembling lips meant for Paolo and Francesca. It meant the plunge into a gulf of dark despairunless she had strength to draw back, seeing the abyss at her feet, warned of her danger.


      "I never could have felt quite at ease while Allegra was[Pg 113] living with strangers," he told her. "And now my cup is full. But are you sure, dearest, that you will never find her in the way, never fancy yourself any the less mistress of your house, and of my life, because she is here?"


      Its not far, he pleaded.


      "My dearest, it is nearly seven o'clock, and you have been tramping about all day. If you are not very tired, you must be very much excited, Allegra. I am longing to hear what it all means.""I see," said he, sententiously, nodding his head,"'Our last garment is made without pockets.'"