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      Chapter 15

      "But in themselves, I mean."He shrugged his shouldersthere must have been some foreign streak in his yokel's blood.

      The idea prospered in Reuben's thoughts that night. The next morning he was full of it, and confided it to his mother and Naomi.

      Who choosest for thine

      Robert, after some considering, decided to go with Bessie to Wadhurst, and ask the clergyman there exactly what they ought to do. He could easily find a room for her where she could stay till the law had been complied with. They would travel by the new railway. It would be rather alarming, but Jenny Vennal had once been to Brighton by train and said that the only thing against it was the dirt.



      Chapter 14


      "Poor horses," murmured Shorty. "I always feel mighty sorry for them. They hadn't nothin' to do with gittin' up this rebellion. We must go around and kill such as is alive, and put them out o' their misery.""And there wur Rose," added Pete, anxious to supply instances.


      Then he heard a voice say: "Cadnan," and all other thought fled. The voice was hers, Dara's. He saw her, ahead, and went to her quickly.An act of this nature cannot be undertaken without grave thought and consideration. We affirm that such consideration has been given to this step.