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      She opened her eyes upon him, and they glowed with girlish pleasure.

      It is the result we must consider. I wish you and Trafford, my dear Selvaine, would consider the matter. Helby (Mr. Helby was the steward) has the plans, and shall go over them with you. If you think the proposition a good one, pray let it be proceeded with at once. I should like to see it done.He started slightly.

      You know me, then?


      Bother! she exclaimed. I cant be happy any more to-night if I dont give her something. She stamped her foot. Cant you get some? Oh, shell be passed before you get back! The woman was almost beneath them.[107] Esmeralda, with a little cry of relief, unfastened one of her bracelets, and bending over the rail, called softly to the woman. The woman looked up with a little start, and her face flushed nervously as she saw the girl, in her exquisite dress, looking down at her. Esmeralda nodded, and smiled encouragingly, held out the bracelet as far as her extended arm would allow, then, with a This is for you! dropped it at the womans feet. The woman started back slightly, then stood stock still, as if amazed.


      He frowned darkly.


      Let me go! he cried. You are mistaken. I dont know you.