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      With running dies, blanks may be clamped when a machine is in motion, and as the blank does not revolve, it may, when long, be supported in any temporary manner. The dies can be opened and closed by the driving power also, and no stopping of a machine is necessary; so that several advantages of considerable importance may be gained by mounting the dies in a running head, a plan which has been generally adopted in late years by machine tool makers both in England and America.

      Why didnt I think of that? grinned Jeff. I wouldnt be surprised if that-there is right.

      It struck me always that as soon as something took place anywhere which might lead to disorder, the method adopted was as follows: first a fusillade in order to scare the inhabitants, secondly looting of numberless bottles of wine, and finally cruel, inhuman murders, the ransacking and the wrecking."Tell me, father," he began, "did you allow this man by your side to stay the night at your house?"

      He rightly decided that they had recalled sending the caretaker on a foolish errand. They must get back and make some explanation or he would suspect them, perhaps report to somebody else. They could not know that he was shivering, crouched down in the last place of Jeffs own airplane.With his glasses, Dick could observe and indicate any change of direction or any other maneuver.


      But it is equally certain that at Lige as well as at Namur and Antwerp the Austrian thirty-point-five mortars were used, siege-guns chiefly, and these were taken by the German soldiers for forty-two's. These Austrian mortars were equally misnamed in German, French, and even Netherland illustrated papers.The beastly scenes which I witnessed in the glaring, scorching heat benumbed me, and I looked on vacantly for a long time. At last I went back and called at St. Hadelin College, the Head of which I had visited already once or twice. The building was still undamaged.


      Im going to be too busy earning money to finish my flying lessons to bother, anyway, Larry decided.Dont I know it! Jeff was rueful. I want to kick myself sometimesbut when you know other folks has had their crates jinxed by being in the same hangar with one that has got the name for being hoodooedwhat would you do?


      The German authority left indeed no effort untried to cover up their atrocious action. Already in a communication from Wolff, dated August 29th, they attempted to violate the truth by asserting that: